Our Annotated Bibliography

Introducing our annotated bibliography of works on Islam & Muslims in Latin America, the Caribbean & Latinx U.S.

7/22/20212 min read

The Latin America and Caribbean Islamic Studies Newsletter team is happy to announce the launch of an open access annotated collection of resources for the study of Islam and Muslim socialities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latinx U.S. The goal is to provide a starting point for educators, researchers, journalists, artists, and those interested in learning more about global Islam in general and Muslim cultures and societies in América in particular.

Despite a long history of presence, significance, and influence in América, the study of Islam and Muslims in the region remains understudied and underappreciated. This resource list not only points to existing scholarship on the topic, but also the depth and breadth of the region’s historical relevance and contemporary importance in the study of global Islam.

While the bibliography’s focus is on Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latinx U.S., it also touches a wide range of other intersecting geographies and subject areas (Jewish studies, Black Islam, Colonial European studies, Caribbean studies). In particular, special attention is given to the migration of Arab peoples to the region in the last centuries. Migration flows from the Middle East are tightly connected with the global spread of Islam and hence, contextualize the topic of Islam in the Americas. Nevertheless, we do not mean to conflate Islam with the Arab ethnicity by any means.Therefore, the bibliography features resources in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Arabic.

Annotated bibliographies provide an overview, listing, and concise critical accounts of the available research in a field of study. As such, this bibliography not only includes a listing of available resources on the subject of Islam and Muslims in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also a brief summary of content and a short analysis or evaluation for each. However, there are a) some sources missing and/or in need of updates and b) still some resources that need annotation (summary, critique, evaluation or analysis).

Contributions: If you have a suggestion, correction, or are interested in helping contribute to the bibliography with an updated reference, a new source, or an annotation for entries not yet annotated, please contact editor@lacisa.org. We are looking for additional annotations of 150 words for books, journal articles, interviews, blogs, art, or significant news publications or productions. You can also post your questions, comments, or suggestions on Twitter at #AmericanMuslimsBibliography.