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New Book Project on Muslim Philanthropy in the Caribbean

Research projects on both Muslim philanthropy and Muslim communities in the Caribbean are expanding. What might we learn by putting the two into conversation?

This edited collection represents the first interdisciplinary book to conceptualize overarching patterns and offer case studies of Muslim philanthropy in the Caribbean.

We, the volume editors, are working with editors at Indiana University Press to publish this work as part of a series on Muslim philanthropy, in partnership with the Muslim Philanthropy Initiative.

By highlighting an often omitted geography and a marginalized religious community, this text not only broadens understandings of the constitutive geographies of global Islam, but also perceptions about what counts as philanthropy and how Muslims contribute to civil society in multiple ways.

We welcome chapter proposals that investigate Muslim philanthropy from historical, anthropological, literary, sociological, cultural, and religious perspectives. Contributions that use innovative approaches such as interviews, autoethnographies, and primary source translations would also be enthusiastically received.

We are also open to contributions from activists, organizations, and individuals directly involved in philanthropic projects, whether in the form of interviews or as first-person/third-person essays.

We are inviting a first round of contribution proposals, due by 15 March 2023. The proposal should be 250-300 words long and address how the contribution would align with the themes and topics discussed in our working proposal design. The final contribution would need to be approximately 6,000-7,000 words, including footnotes/endnotes. Commentaries and analysis from practitioners doing work on the ground in the realm of philanthropy and/or through contributions to civil society would be around 2,500 words.

Once we have selected from the proposals, we will submit our full book proposal to the press. We hope to convene the authors for a symposium in fall 2023 and would expect a draft of your contribution to be submitted December 15, 2023.

Submissions, inquiries, and other communication related to this project should be sent to

Please advise if you have any questions or comments at this point in time. Otherwise, we hope to receive your contribution to this exciting new volume!

Ken Chitwood

Muslim Philanthropy Initiative / LACISA News

Harini Kumar

Princeton University

Kim Williams-Pulfer

Independent Scholar / Researcher

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