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In the footsteps of Abuncare: slavery, race, and Islam in the Black Atlantic

One of the best things about the emerging field of Islamic studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, is the sheer diversity of topics, time periods, perspectives, and disciplines involved.

It is a particular delight of mine that this newsletter can, at least in some way, help put the various researchers, themes, and issues into conversation with one another.

This edition is a prime example. Included within are a number of different topics, historical junctures, organizations, individuals, and disciplinary interventions. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do. Moreover, I hope that you will contribute your own voice to the ongoing -- and ever expanding -- conversation. There are numerous options to do so included in the newsletter below. So, happy reading and happy collaborating!

This latest edition leads off with a review from our Assistant Editor, Rahma Maccarone, who comments on the contributions made by the book, The Story of Rufino: Slavery, Freedom, and Islam in the Black Atlantic.

Second, we have a Spanish translation of our interview of John Tofik Karam about his book Manifold Destiny. Many thanks to Jorge Araneda for his diligent work in this regard!

Also included in this edition are a few calls for contributions, including:

  • A wrap-up report on our December colloquium and a final reminder for contributions to a special issue of the Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society, focused on Latin America and the Latinx U.S. (DEADLINE: February 15)

  • A new call for proposals to an edited volume on Muslim Philanthropy in the Caribbeanbook (DEADLINE: March 15)

  • At the bottom of the newsletter, a special invitation from the Study of Islam Unit at the American Academy of Religion, seeking papers and/or a panel on Latina/o Muslims or Muslims in the U.S. Southwest. (DEADLINE: March 1)

You can also listen to a podcast where Ermin Sinanovic, Aliyah Khan, and I discuss Muslims in the Anglophone and Hispanophone Caribbeans. Finally, we have another "bumper crop" of news items, ranging from sport and political solidarities across the Global South to hip-hop connections across the Muslim Atlantic and halal business and tourism opportunities in the Caribbean. I hope you enjoy all that is on offer in this edition and welcome your thoughts and interventions about the contents below or what we might consider including in the future.

Adelante, Ken Chitwood Editor-in-Chief, LACISA


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